Graphic design is a great outlet for me. Whether print, typography, grunge or corporate, there are always stories to tell. Here are a few of my favorites.

"Design For The Children is an open, international design competition asking architects and designers from around the world to develop a sustainable, culturally responsive, pediatric clinic model for East Africa."

Our firm entered this competition, so, armed with a team of great project designers and planners, this was our entry.  It was a fun project to take part in.

The final boards consisted of 4 - 40" panels and designed to align horizontally when presented. This was a collaboration project between myself, Matt Anderle and Ike Kameoka.

Part of a series of prints done for projects that never made it to completion.  

Promotional brochure for EPIC Flooring.  4 panel fold, with smaller panel being a pocket for a quote sheet / business card to be inserted.

Done for a local book-signing event for Greg Palast's book, Armed Madhouse.

These were done as an extension of an art installation project of past architectural design projects called "Unrealized". The final panels were printed 12' across and mounted on cables along the main staircase.

Part of a series of prints done for projects that never made it to completion.   

Background banner used for the KSA Job Fair. 

In years of past, I had designed a custom calendar each year.  I may update this version for 2009 in the near future.

Event poster design for the Columbus showing of "Stealing America - Vote by Vote", a feature documentary film.

This animation was done as an introduction for project animations.  The concept was based on the conference room graphics of the same look.  

This was done for our main conference room lightbox display.  The "4 seasons" concept was part of the initial green movement we were going through at the time.

Background banner used for KSA Job Fair.

A 4' x 6' advertising banner done in support of the local Westerville Central High School - Warhawks baseball team.
EP Release Concert posters done for Chad Hoffman - Solo Acoustic Artist.

Pamphlet cover design for "We The People ...Have No Clothes", written by Robert Franza.

Book cover design for "As Goes Ohio: Election Theft Since 2004", written by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman.

I did these for my homebrew forum.  Page headers that load randomly with each page load.

Book cover design for "Against All Odds, The Struggle to Save the Ridges", written by Chad Kister.

Original book cover design for "Mencken, Nietzsche and the Chosen", written by Robert J. Dieli.

Logo design / business card layout for 6 Design.

CD case design for Marblehead's debut album.

design visualization